Procedures and Services

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procedure-3First Visit

  • Welcome Book: reading of the Clinic procedures and answering any question.
  • File opening: contact information, health history, reasons for consultation
  • Chiropractic exam: physical and postural observations.
  • Vascular, neurological, orthopaedic, muscular and articular evaluations.
  • X-Ray exam (if necessary)

Second exam

  • Report of findings: diagnosis, prognosis.
  • Question and Answer period.
  • Treatment Plan
  • Informed Treatment Consent Form
  • Treatment
  • Recommandations

Subsequent visits

According to the treatment plan


The treatments are mainly adjusments of the spine and other joints of the body made with the hands or with instrumentation.

Supplementary Therapies

Ultrasounds, vibromassage, soft tissue techniques, Heat and cold applications and others.

Specific exercise

Prescription of an exercise to reinforce a routine or periodical treatment.

Chiropostural Protocole

It is mid and long term chiropractic treatment plan with a coaching of progressive and corrective exercises addressing the posture.
Benefits: improvement the structural alignment of the body increases wellbeing, quality of life and self image.