How can you help me?
  • Improve your health and maintain it.
  • Provide you natural care for your health problems without medication and surgery.
  • Stimulate the vital functions and systems of your body using muscles as motors and joints as leverages.
  • Address the cause of your problem and reach far beyond the pain and symptoms.
Who could benefit from chiropractic care?

All humans who have a spinal column, from birth until the end of life. It is an important observation that children respond faster than adults on chiropractic treatments.

May I have a pinched nerve?

Yes of course! But «pinched nerve» is a popular expression to describe a far more complex phenomenon.

What about the «cracking» noises?

The cracking sounds are simply a cavitation or a succion phenomenon just like a pop as when you open a bottle or else. They are produced when the joints of one vertebra over another are being moved. When it is a problem for anyone, we use an instrumentation instead for the adjustment. Doing so we avoid the cracking and provide a maximal comfort.

Why consult you instead of a physio an osteopath, a massage therapist or an acupuncture?
  • My doctor of chiropractic degree, my professionalism my experience and my dedication to my patients .
  • You can add my unique proactive health coaching.
Why take X-Rays?

To allow a more precise diagnosis and more appropriate treatments.

Chiropractic care for life? Why so?

You’ll probably visit your dentist for the rest of your life to insure your dental hygiene. Same thing with your chiropractor who looks after your vertebral hygiene and help stay healthy with natural and biomechanical care.

How can I be aware of my evolution when under care?

At every visit, tests are being performed for you to witness your reaction and performance before and after the treatment and also from one visit to another.

Are chiropractic care indicated for senior people?

Yes. The most important characteristic of aging is the alteration and changes of the spinal curves. So chiropractic care help improve the spinal curves and provide more flexibility and vitality to the senior people.

Are chiropractic care covered by insurances?

Yes by many private insurance plans. No by the «Régie d’assurance maladie du Québec.

Do you provide receipts?

Yes for insurance and income tax purposes.